Soundtrack Report

I caught this on the Pixar Planet forum from which I promptly thieved  the appropriate portion. The image is from the composer’s twitter @m_giacchino. The post itself is from Miafka/Garbage Boy at I don’t know he is part of the orchestra or if he got this somewhere else. I’ve done a little backtracking but haven’t figured it out. And I have things to do – Jeff

“JCM: We’ve been scoring John Carter of Mars over at Sony (the old MGM lot, where a lot of the Pixars have been recorded, and many of John Lasseter’s Hawaiian shirts hang from the rafters). There’s been very tight security for the project — besides the normal security to get on the lot, there were also security guards posted outside the entrance to the scoring stage itself to check everyone’s name off before allowing them to enter (not usually the case). As has been published elsewhere, though the advertising for John Cater of Mars shows a stylized “JCM”, the movie’s actual title has been shortened to simply “John Cater”. Andrew Stanton got up to greet the orchestra at the beginning (asking for a show of hands of who had also worked on Nemo and Wall-E), and mentioned how this is a personal project for him. So far there’s been no official behind-the-scenes video crew of the sessions for either MI4 or JCM, but as with Brad Bird on MI4 (and John Lasseter on Cars 2), Andrew Stanton would come out of the booth to film the orchestra. Though live-action, there’s of course tons of CGI in this picture, and at this point, most of it seems fully rendered (only a small number of shots didn’t look finished at this stage). It’s a nice widescreen picture, but I hope the subtitles we saw (for a couple scenes) were just temp ones, for they were at the extreme bottom of the frame (which usually gets cut-off at theatres) and were pretty small. On Tuesday, there was a major ProTools crash in the booth (recording software), so there was about 30-40 minutes in the afternoon where we couldn’t record anything. At first we took out some cues just to read through, while everyone who usually stays in the booth during the process came onto the stage to hear it played “live”… but eventually we had to take a long break while they fixed the problem. It did get fixed though, and the cues got recorded. The movie looks really interesting (I never read the books, so I don’t know the source material), and I personally really like Michael’s score on this so far. It’s scheduled for a March release (March?) and is being released by Walt Disney Pictures, not Pixar.”


2 responses

  1. I simply cannot wait to hear that score. Movie (and game) scores are a major part of my CD collection (I only have two with songs) and I can’t wait to add “John Cater” to it.

    October 24, 2011 at 4:15 pm

    • Why doth ye bringith up game scores (why doth i talketh like thor)

      I hope to god there is a John Carter of Mars game

      even if it is really really really bad

      October 25, 2011 at 5:20 am

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