Psych Ward: John Carter

By Tim Stevens

Professor, Another very common question from the day I guest lectured was how psychology treated so-called “super powered” individuals when psychology was in its infancy and those with powers were very rare. At the time, I was unable to answer the question. However, in my research, I have come across a set of recently unearthed letters written by an early adapter of psychology. Although they are not dated, they appear to be from the late 1800’s, specifically between 1870 and 1895. This is made clear by references to certain historical events as well as the psychology used, including structuralism and functionalism with only passing references to Freud’s work. The particular notes I have included here concern a former Confederate soldier named John Carter who describes what then must have seemed a rather wild tale but we now have evidence to suggest did occur. The writer is reaching out to colleagues in the Northeast for consultation on the case. Please feel free to share these with your students.

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I think I’ve heard of something similar, a book about a man who was sure he was John Carter. I need to track that down. – Jeff

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  1. That is an enteresting way to promote a comic.

    November 16, 2011 at 4:17 pm

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