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I just received an update on Disney’s showing of John Carter at the Burbank studios. I’m not surprised that they’re pretty security minded, they always were taking attendees on a bus to the event, and they’d already mentioned ID. Perhaps some special will be there… Anyways here’s the update. – Jeff

Kaor, friends.
Disney security has imposed two new conditions on our March 3rd preview showing.

Condition 1:
Disney security needs the final list of everyone attending the John Carter by February 15.

This means that anyone who registers for the ECOF after February 15th will NOT be admitted to the Disney Studios showing.
If you register after the 15th, you will receive the registration packet, admission to the huckster room, be allowed to participate in all the presentations, but Disney will not admit you onto the Disney lot.

So if you are planning to attend the ECOF and want to see the film, please contact us before the 15th so we can add your name to the list.

We’ve never had any condition like this before for any ERB event, but we have no choice.

Condition 2:
Disney security will not allow any recording device into the theater.
No cell phones, no cameras, no recorders.
Everyone attending will have a wand passed over them, and any phone or other recording device will be checked at the door, to be picked up after the movie ends.

In fact, Disney security tells us that getting onto the Disney lot on Saturday March 3rd will be similar to the security practices used when boarding an airplane.
ID will be required for everyone, a driver’s license, a passport, a school ID, etc. No one under age 12 will be admitted.
Only those who ride the ECOF/SubERB buses will be admitted.
No one will be allowed to drive to the studio separately.


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  1. Thanks for the update!

    February 2, 2012 at 8:41 am

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