Marvel Comic’s ” The Gods of Mars”


I’ve got stuffs to do so I’ll keep this shortish.  The bottom line is that I thought Marvels Gods of Mars was pretty good adaptation. I really enjoyed seeing the new environments ( everyone does Princess ) and a fresh take on some of the characters. There are obvious ties to the movie too, which I like. Carter has a red Thark diaper most of the time and a white ape fringe later in the story. Sola is pretty exactly as she is in the movie, and at times Dejah is  so ‘Lynn Collins’. that I hear her voice. I really do in the scene I clipped below.

The book itself  is a nice little package, a little smaller than a standard comic actually. My only gripe is that it makes for micro text. Since I need my glasses changed that was a bit of a challenge.

I’m sure they took liberties with the story and structure but it’s been so long since I read it I really don’t know the difference. I know as I kid on my first reading I was really confused about the who and where stuff. This time it seems a little clearer to me, although in some ways it still echoes the confusion some viewers may have had with the movie. I feel like I get it because I know what’s going on. This version keeps to ERB’s world and version of the Therns which I think is a wise move since it is adapting the books and isn’t really the movie sequel. In some ways it works as that though, at least for me.

The biggest obvious change is that somehow the comic drops the threat of Dejah being stabbed at the end of the story. How I have no idea, but it’s not there. Perhaps they felt they had too few pages to set up Phaidor’s obsession with Carter. OOPS, I went and looked again. The change is Dejah dragging Issus into the chamber.  I tend to read comics quickly.

The artwork is more straight forward than the adaption of Princess. Many of the environments are lovingly designed and illustrated. The colour alone of the opening pages makes me very happy. I’ve collected the series covers below, and I had said how beautiful some of the artwork is, the last one with John and Dejah being my favourite.

My final observation is one of pleasure and amusement. You know the skiffs in Return of the Jedi and how any ERB fan knew they were fliers right ? Some of the skiff design has been appropriated back into the fliers as you can see in some of the images in the gallery. It’s a shame they never did Warlord of Mars, I’d really like to have the whole trilogy. I think Marvel was planning to do all the books actually, but sadly I’m getting used to this kind of thing. – Jeff






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