Martian League round 2 – updated


Feb 9/15  The Martian Legion – Jeff let’s it go….. I have a few online conversations and and Bob Zeuschner’s review  to help me along. I no longer have a need to fork out for even the $200.00 edition. If a nice $25-$50 edition ever shows up I’ll get one for sure. Baptists on Barsoom kinda broke that it for me.

This Martian League thing still bothers me this morning. Yea it’s all wrapped around the fact that I want it and that I really can’t justify $200 on it. My wife bought me the Guardians of Galaxy art book for Christmas. It was $56 Canadian, 330 pages full color, a truly excellent movie art book. Yea I know it’s different economics, but you know what I’m thinking.

The idea of creating a luxury John Carter item is marvelous, and I would have created a high end version as well. But $15000 ? That’s just crazy. So is $7000 , $1200 each. I can accept $300 each. Okay, even $1200 as the top. But $200 as the hoi polli version ? That’s sure not winning any love from me, and I’ve been promoting the book on this site.

If I really dig into my feelings, what hurts, what makes me mad is the pretty clear – You are Not Worthy’  you are not allowed to have this wonderful thing. The ERB fans are a community, but this creates a rift. A very small number of people will ever read this book, unless there is that more mass market editon. Hardly anyone will read Buddy Saunders’ story, or see any of the artists very impressive work. After the whole John Carter movie thing, the CEO of Disney tanking it out of spite, hardly and collectables ( no Woola ! ) the horrid write down, we John Carter fans have had enough of that.

I had a thought last night – “of course you can see the new Star Wars movie, for $200….  Did you want sound with that ? That’s $1200. Thanks, oh I forgot, how about colour, movies are great in colour. That’ll be $7000. Hey did you want popcorn ?”

Maybe someday I’ll learn why so many potential readers were cut out, what the thought behind it was beyond creating a really massive and cool John Carter collectable.  And maybe someday there will be a more affordable edition. I can understand nothing being said of that presently, but on flip, the buyer for a $15000 book a $60 book are not canceling each other out in any way.

2 responses

  1. anon

    its just vanity-published tarzan/jesus crossover fanfic, lol. ask him what publishing house his editor worked at

    January 27, 2015 at 12:06 pm

  2. The writer you mean ? I just heard there’s a bit of churchy ness amongst the non ERB characters . And it’s a John Carter cross over ! It’s on Barsoom – it says Martian on the cover 😉

    January 27, 2015 at 1:05 pm

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