Thuvia of Mars: the Movie

Thuvia of Mars poster SMAs always, there’s an ongoing debate between the Reboot John Carter and the Sequels Only crowds. I’d love to see Stanton’s Gods and Warlord of Mars movies. Maybe I’d finally get a Woola toy too. I strongly suspect that
the trilogy as whole would stand as a major accomplishment and success as opposed to John Carter on its own. That the shuffling of the pieces that Stanton has shown with John Carter wouldn’t be such an issue with a complete trilogy. Anyways, that’s not happening tomorrow and neither is a reboot, that we know of.

Abraham Sherman, a long time hardcore Barsoomian who has written and excellent ‘Princess of Mars’ screenplay (on spec) has had some things to say about the reboot/sequel thing that is good reading. You should check them out at Back to Barsoom and The John Carter Files.

My toss into the fray, separate of my wanting MORE is to suggest a step to the side with a film adaptation of Thuvia, Maid of Mars. Thuvia stands at the post trilogy point and was Burroughs next step with his martian tales. That it features Carthoris, John Carter’s son is a definite statement of moving on. You can see from my mocked up movie poster that I’ve dropped the ‘Maid’ from the title. I know the context of the word but in this world instead of echoing ‘Princess’ it would just lead to house cleaning jokes or worse. I’ve used an existing painting of Thuvia that I did many years ago, I did not insanely sit down and say ‘I’m going to paint this for a blog post’ yesterday. But as I finished my poster layout and thought it was time for lunch, I was shocked to see that it was 3:00 in the afternoon.

I’ve had this thought before that Thuvia could an excellent return to Barsoom onscreen separate of the baggage. It should be presented with the unabashedly pulpy Thuvia of Mars title and colorful posters featuring its spaciness, adventure, and inherent fun. I reread Thuvia recently and was thinking that references to John Carter ( there is a scene between him and Carthoris ) should be in a film and would do the franchise/John Carter good. Thuvias skills with Banths goes back to Gods of Mars which only readers would know. Conversation could refer to that in early scenes, as well as surrounding her with pets to set the idea that she’s weird with animals.

Thuvia is a slight book coming in around 150 pages depending on the printing. Not a bad size for a screenplay adaptation. It would need some work to keep the ‘thought projection’ elements from reading like an original Star Trek episode. I had read that its working title was ‘Carthoris’ but I’d lean the story more heavily towards Thuvia’s point of view. In many ways, it is an intimate book, which most of the later Barsoom stories are.

Scanning over the complete series of books I can’t think of a better reintroduction to Barsoom separate of the main trilogy. – Jeff


One response

  1. Abraham Sherman

    Thanks for the nod, Jeff! The mysterious “they” should hire you to help adapt Thuvia when that day comes – which, as you say, might be soon.

    July 9, 2015 at 4:47 pm

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