Artwork from upcoming JOHN CARTER game !

John Carter trimmed MODI’m on the game testing list for the John Carter of Mars RPG which is hysterical since I’m clinically ‘game impaired’. I bought the John Carter game that came out in the 70’s and was incapable of understanding it really was just a cool collector’s  item for me. But I have played more D&D style games so I may be able to fire up my thoat and gain some traction on this one.

Now onto the art – really Frazetta without being so much it annoys me. We artists have our temperaments. I like the vibe. As I understand there will figures available as well. ( yay !)


Below is the email from Modiphius –



Greetings from Barsoom,

We thought you might like a look at the upcoming artwork for the John Carter of Mars RPG, so here it is! Alex Horley (Warcraft and Hearthstone, Marvel & DC) has been painting a series of images for the first book and this is a glimpse of what’s to come!

We’ll be sending out the first Alpha playtest survey next week and you’ll have a week to get in any more play’s before answering, we’ll then be working on the next iteration to move us closer to the final game.

And with that, back to Earth

You’ll hear from us again soon!


Modiphius Entertainment Ltd

One response

  1. Abraham Sherman

    That’s a cool look! A movie with this aesthetic would be worlds ahead of the Disney film in evoking the dreamscape and mythical roots of Barsoom. A Frazetta influence, the sword especially, but original as well. John Carter’s gauntlet is a nice touch. I suppose those zombie-like creatures are hormads? The Thark vs. white apes one is cool. Proper scales, cool weapons, closer to the books. I’d love to see that Thark in quadrupedal posture.

    September 16, 2016 at 10:14 am

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