Arrggh, its been a year and I’ve been makin’ stuff.

You know how  you can look back and say ‘what the hell did do all year ?’On one hand I did ( I’ll use shorthand) – dad/funeral/mom/hospital/senior’s home/funeral/clean condo/sell condo/estate estate estate/ crazy sibling/ curl into a ball under table.


And the other hand I have been arting and writing. I’ve been working with a publisher on a Space Colonists Crash on the WRONG Planet kind of project. I’ve been in on it from the start. It fits in an existing series of books known as the Okal Rel Universe but is very stand alone.

But this thing I made up – It’s called The MEGA Survival Anthology. Because of my background in Palaeontology I was the world and scenario designer. So I went as ‘The Land that Time Forgot’ (on another planet as I could) designing creatures, the ecology, maps, space ships and I wrote the first story that set the scenario .  I created ‘A Guide To MEGA’ for the writing team, even did up a fake cover because I love my Guide to Barsoom so much.

img_1510-1 My guide covered the ecology, world, ships, and a loose idea of how many people hit the ground. As things do, the project changed over time but my essential work is there. The publisher and I had been talking about this project online for a while. When she was in town for a convention we hit a pub and fleshed it out. By that time I’d already started world building. The final cover was a clean up of my initial landscape sketch done to set the overall look of the world. The’ Trips’ ( yellow bears ) are very GASSEY and a source of energy for the colonists. IMG_0448The Purple predators ‘Hexes’, named for their six legs prey on them. Things can get explosive. img_0447Each story is illustrated ( just to add more work to the project 😉 . The printed product was a bit of a surprise to me, I was expecting a standard 6X9″ trade paperback . It was actually printed as nice little 5X7″ making it more akin to the paperbacks of the ERB boom of the 60’s and 70’s. So that’s what I’ve been doing, and it’s available HERE. – Jeff





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