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Yet another kick at a new Flash Gordon

261047-197662-flash-gordonFlash Gordon is not really my favourite thing but I’d love to see a version that made me fall in love with it. I never really took to Hawk Men or Lion Men, I mean really, that’s the best you can do ? That’s not even trying. And it’s a little too Wizard of Oz too. (more…)

And in your Top 25 ….

So I get home from work and go to turn on some tunes and as I look at my itunes playlist I think sure, “l’ll play the top 25 thing here and see what that covers. Bowie- yup, Space Hog (more…)

Barsoom by Three

20120307-105848.jpgZoinks ! It’s been three years ?! And I’m still all hung up on it… Oh, well, you ( or me anyways ) don’t really stop loving something you love. (more…)

John has a new hair cut.

Other than the new ‘do’ I’m looking forward to a longer story. I’ll still be sticking to getting a trade edition of the series in the long run, but I think I’ll give this one a try.


More Carter Comics !

Enough of my bitching about crazily priced books that I can’t have, as someone said once, ” I still live !” And I have new John Carter covers to show you. So far I’m quite impressed with all the covers. The first is my favourite and the rendering on the second is excellent. They all get points for not being porny too ! – Jeff



Martian League round 2 – updated


Feb 9/15  The Martian Legion – Jeff let’s it go….. I have a few online conversations and and Bob Zeuschner’s review  to help me along. I no longer have a need to fork out for even the $200.00 edition. If a nice $25-$50 edition ever shows up I’ll get one for sure. Baptists on Barsoom kinda broke that it for me.

This Martian League thing still bothers me this morning. Yea it’s all wrapped around the fact that I want it and that I really can’t justify $200 on it. My wife bought me the Guardians of Galaxy art book for Christmas. It was $56 Canadian, 330 pages full color, a truly excellent movie art book. Yea I know it’s different economics, but you know what I’m thinking.


My most sincere regrets to The Martian Legion.

Catching up and ‘are we in the future again?’

Stirling  Collage

I’ve really got some catching up to do, not only here but everywhere. There’s less John Carter of Mars news than there was, other than the new comics. Hopefully that will change again with a reboot or something. Between Christmas, my having my gallbladder removed ( I do not miss it ) more ‘out of the house’ work hours that usual and being creatively busier than usual, I’m floundering I admit. It’s time for some list making or I’m done for. (more…)


Interplanetary Seasonal Greetings.


White apes and white apes.

I picked up the second of the John Carter comics, it’s one of my favorite John Carter covers ever. I really like the Marvel style logo, overall color, action and the movie style white ape. It also reminded me of Marvel’s issue 2 as well.

white apes

John Carter World of Mars, Barsoom, that Pizza Joint down the Way and those Staring Guys in the Back of the Comic Shop #4

– because the title just wasn’t long enough.  New covers for Vol 4 shipping February, 2015.



Ah, clever……

– or, ” I see what you did here.” Not just one but three covers – it makes sense, I often draw figures separately too. Coming Nov 5   Dynamite “John Carter Warlord of Mars” 

DARK EARTH, new Amicus style adventure movie

Dark Earth Land Time Forgot movieFrom the Dark Earth indigogo site –“Dark Earth is a period set ( Edwardian era) Fantasy film. Time travellers create a rocket ship and on a test outing manage to shoot off into space and find a world they mistake for home located several million light years from Earth.


Repost of a Repost of -There and back again: Repost of my John Carter LA adventure

In response to the recent return of John Carter rights to ERB inc it seemed appropriate to return to the that giddy first viewing – Jeff 

( First posted Published on: Mar 16, 2012 @ 9:17 )

Or – where the hell is Jeff ? Well, Jeff went to California to see John Carter and pogo around ECOF (Edgar Rice Burroughs fan con ) with his Barsoomian posse. A good time was had. After the ECOF my family and I stayed in LA and played for the rest of the week. So that’s where Jeff has been. Above you can see the wondrous swag hoisted upon us by the ECOF team as well some cool items from Disney that were handed out after the movie.

I arrived mid-day on the friday and seemed to be popular because I had pre-sold copies of my Strange Worlds books that people wanted me deliver to them. (more…)

Sort of More on John Carter’s release.

More of it showing up in all the geek outlets counts. I do like the news getting attention. (more…)

A few thoughts on “John Carter” and the horror of marketing

From somebody who had just watched the movie and posted it yesterday of all days – Jeff

When I first saw the trailer for the movie JOHN CARTER in 2011, and realized it was an adaptation of Edgar Rice Burroughs’ A Princess of Mars, I was seriously jazzed–”

A few thoughts on “John Carter” and the horror of marketing.

John Carter has been released.

??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Okay,I learned it on Facebook and it’s been copied all over, which is a good thing. I’ve pasted the complete announcement below. I don’t know why it’s not on ERBinc’s site. Anyways, we all knew that someday John Carter would escape The Pits of Warhoon/Disney. Post Paramount having the property and Disney snapping it up I was honestly surprised that the movie was actually made. (more…)

Time to shake things up a bit.

Thuvia of Mars croppedYou can see that I have a new banner cannibalized from my own Thuvia of Mars painting. It’s an indication of my feeling that it’s time to shake things up bit. came about during the looooong road to the John Carter of Mars movie. Now that it’s happened, and so many of us are saying ‘please sir, may we have some more ?’ I feel the need to broaden my window. We still live. Dynamite has their new and approved ‘John Carter Warlord of Mars, Calots and Comics and’ – I’m losing track, it’s a really long title but I am looking forward to it. There are the comic strips through and perhaps, if Disney releases the reins on the movie rights, more John Carter on screen. I’d really like that. But Barsoom isn’t the only world, and ERB isn’t the only one to write Sword and Planet stories. (more…)

The one of many John Carter of Mars that never were : Conran Speaks !

JC20 has caught this new interview wth Kerry Conran about Sky Captain and his John Carter of Mars movie. The full thing is over on Digital Spy.  I love a lot about


Dynamite’s John Carter Warlord of Mars 2 comic covers

Covers have appeared for issue 2. My fave is the white ape about to pound Carter – but he’s been THROUGH that before he he he …..  There’s a confederate gentleman in the background too. Fascinating.

I the Marvel comics style text and character box too. It’s interesting seeing the design nods to the movie as well as the Marvel series. The description of the story mentions invaders coming to Mars/Barsoom. You can read a bit more on that here –

Wonderful John Carter poster art –

from Mike Bryan of     Epic image of    I looked up Bryan, he’s done tons of movie poster art ( like Robocop) over the years. I don’t know if this is part of the movie campaign that was tossed or a suggested design. But I like it a lot – Jeff BsDbEp6CcAEw6pk

Marvel Comic’s ” The Gods of Mars”


I’ve got stuffs to do so I’ll keep this shortish.  The bottom line is that I thought Marvels Gods of Mars was pretty good adaptation. I really enjoyed seeing the new environments ( everyone does Princess ) and a fresh take on some of the characters. There are obvious ties to the movie too, which I like. Carter has a red Thark diaper most of the time and a white ape fringe later in the story. (more…)

Yes, I still live….

busy jeffMy most recent post  elected the response ‘you still live!”  Yea, it’s been a while. I keep saying to myself that I need to finish my “Watching  John Carter”  series and let people know that Barsoomia is not dead yet. I’ve been posting more through Facebook than here because it’s easier.

And I’ve been a little busy doing, you know, stuff. Other than an overly busy private life ( more work hours, workshops, families – sheesh ! )  presently I’ve been hired on to do new covers and separate promotional images for a ten book series  that I actually did one for many years ago.  This came about through my new endeavour,  Quick Covers .  If any of you have seen my stuff on Facebook you’ve been seeing some of that cover work. I also have a Tarzan painting commission which you guys will see you eventually and I’ve been rewriting my own novel the Fire Gods of Venus.

Hopefully the next few months will return some equilibrium to my life and I can post on Barsoomia more steadily. There is the torterous “Big News Announcement’ from ERB inc to full about. If you haven’t heard about it it amounts to “Really Big News early in the New Year – you won’t be disappointed !” It does feel good to be back. – Jeff

Old, really old, announcements for A Princess of Mars from Disney.

GRW banner 2

I was cleaning out the archives and discovered some old issues The Gridley Wave. The Gridley Wave is an Olde World facebook page or website. It showed up in mail box ( a metal box attached to house ) once every few months.  These printed wonders sometimes brought me the only news I caredto read back in the foggy year of 1990. (more…)