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I just received an email from Modiphius about the upcoming John Carter of Mars game and it's got lost of goodies. As I've mentioned, I'm completely Game Impaired ™ with only the occasional bamboozling because of beer and peer pressure. Okay sometimes it's fun… That said, my main interest in the VVV is with the figures since Disney only supplied the weird little dwarf ones that I don't remember the name of. Vinyl somethings. From looking at the Modiphius site it looks like they're might be single figures as well as packs. But who knows. The important thing is that they have WOOLA.

Here's the newsletter email –

Our journey will begin soon…

I want to thank you for your patience as we've worked away at the John Carter of Mars project with the Edgar Rice Burroughs Estate. It's been a long labour of love from the whole team and we've wanted to complete as much of the book and miniatures as possible before the forthcoming Kickstarter. 

Today I want to start sharing a taste of what's to come. The roleplaying game will be a gorgeous deluxe edition landscape book with stunning long artworks taking you across Barsoom whilst the miniatures will bring your favourite characters, villains and brave crews of their ships to life. Beyond that a boardgame will let you explore the adventures of John Carter and friends in new ways!

We're making a final push now before aiming to get the project live at the end of August but our goal is to be able to ship the book and miniatures soon after the project so this date will shift to ensure we're fully ready. Please bear with us, it's going to be worth your wait. 

Now on to Barsoom, with a first taste of some of the layout from the books to give you an idea of what to expect. 

The art is bringing to life our favourite desert world in new ways.

Meanwhile Woola will be appearing amongst the throng of miniatures on your tabletop…

John Carter & Dejah Thoris are often accompanied by brave crewman ready to sell their lives dearly for Helium. 

These women are expert shots with their radium rifles. 

Even the great Jeddak of Helium, Tardos Mors will be joining the action leading his trusted Helium soldiers, or perhaps crash-landed in a forgotten ruin…

Our John Carter of Mars miniatures each come with a scenic base and will be relatively easy to assemble. There will be several sets including Heroes of Helium, Villains of Zodanga, and more. We'll go in to more detail of what you can expect in the next update. 



Modiphius John Carter game figures reveal !

img_1111-1I’ve been chomping after these for a long time. I’ve been chomping for any John Carter figures really, but we all know that. Looks like I’m going to have bone up on how to paint really really small things instead of what I’m used too. (more…)

Artwork from upcoming JOHN CARTER game !

John Carter trimmed MODI’m on the game testing list for the John Carter of Mars RPG which is hysterical since I’m clinically ‘game impaired’. I bought the John Carter game that came out in the 70’s (more…)

Swords and Planets and May the 4th

Swords and Planets.jpg

When I first saw this still from John Carter I had a niggle in the back of my brain that I’d seen something like it before. I had a fun summer as a doorman at a big downtown theatre showing Return of the Jedi ( and only Return of the Jedi) in 1983. I ended up standing in the back row of the theatre the first time I saw the movie. It was a sneak preview and (more…)

The Empress Game

Empress Game crop

Not that far off the word ‘Princess’ is it ? I’m going to download a sample tonight. But it does look pretty Sword and Planet. (more…)

The new Sword & Planet – Sun of Suns

virga cities of the airKaor fellow Barsoomians ! To no great surprise I would love a boom and revival of new Sword and Planet stories, but that isn’t really happening.Of course with my years of following the multiple variations of A Princess of Mars/John Carter of Mars movies and my imaging all the cool things that would hit the shelves because of course the movie will be huge (more…)

Repost of a Repost of -There and back again: Repost of my John Carter LA adventure

In response to the recent return of John Carter rights to ERB inc it seemed appropriate to return to the that giddy first viewing – Jeff 

( First posted Published on: Mar 16, 2012 @ 9:17 )

Or – where the hell is Jeff ? Well, Jeff went to California to see John Carter and pogo around ECOF (Edgar Rice Burroughs fan con ) with his Barsoomian posse. A good time was had. After the ECOF my family and I stayed in LA and played for the rest of the week. So that’s where Jeff has been. Above you can see the wondrous swag hoisted upon us by the ECOF team as well some cool items from Disney that were handed out after the movie.

I arrived mid-day on the friday and seemed to be popular because I had pre-sold copies of my Strange Worlds books that people wanted me deliver to them. (more…)