Dynamite’s John Carter Warlord of Mars 2 comic covers

Covers have appeared for issue 2. My fave is the white ape about to pound Carter – but he’s been THROUGH that before he he he …..  There’s a confederate gentleman in the background too. Fascinating.

I the Marvel comics style text and character box too. It’s interesting seeing the design nods to the movie as well as the Marvel series. The description of the story mentions invaders coming to Mars/Barsoom. You can read a bit more on that here –  http://www.comicscontinuum.com/stories/1409/18/dynamitedec.htm

Wonderful John Carter poster art –

from Mike Bryan of     Epic image of    I looked up Bryan, he’s done tons of movie poster art ( like Robocop) over the years. I don’t know if this is part of the movie campaign that was tossed or a suggested design. But I like it a lot – Jeff BsDbEp6CcAEw6pk

Marvel Comic’s ” The Gods of Mars”


I’ve got stuffs to do so I’ll keep this shortish.  The bottom line is that I thought Marvels Gods of Mars was pretty good adaptation. I really enjoyed seeing the new environments ( everyone does Princess ) and a fresh take on some of the characters. There are obvious ties to the movie too, which I like. Carter has a red Thark diaper most of the time and a white ape fringe later in the story. (more…)

Yes, I still live….

busy jeffMy most recent post  elected the response ‘you still live!”  Yea, it’s been a while. I keep saying to myself that I need to finish my “Watching  John Carter”  series and let people know that Barsoomia is not dead yet. I’ve been posting more through Facebook than here because it’s easier.

And I’ve been a little busy doing, you know, stuff. Other than an overly busy private life ( more work hours, workshops, families – sheesh ! )  presently I’ve been hired on to do new covers and separate promotional images for a ten book series  that I actually did one for many years ago.  This came about through my new endeavour,  Quick Covers .  If any of you have seen my stuff on Facebook you’ve been seeing some of that cover work. I also have a Tarzan painting commission which you guys will see you eventually and I’ve been rewriting my own novel the Fire Gods of Venus.

Hopefully the next few months will return some equilibrium to my life and I can post on Barsoomia more steadily. There is the torterous “Big News Announcement’ from ERB inc to full about. If you haven’t heard about it it amounts to “Really Big News early in the New Year – you won’t be disappointed !” It does feel good to be back. – Jeff

Old, really old, announcements for A Princess of Mars from Disney.

GRW banner 2

I was cleaning out the archives and discovered some old issues The Gridley Wave. The Gridley Wave is an Olde World facebook page or website. It showed up in mail box ( a metal box attached to house ) once every few months.  These printed wonders sometimes brought me the only news I caredto read back in the foggy year of 1990. (more…)

Dermot Power “John Carter’ preproduction art.

aa7ae75d75c2451270b04728399eeb78Dermot – ” Some very early Thark designs I did for Disney’s John Carter movie.  Iain McCaig had set up a pre-production art department at Pixar. Don’t know if they had any influence on the final designs but I had a lot of fun doing them. ” (more…)


I’m late to the table…

princess-of-mars-posterI’m late to the table…  Abraham Sherman has written an epic essay called “John Carter of the Round Table “comparing John Carter the movie to A Princess of Mars the book. Not only is a great read, but Abe really knows his Barsoom. Years ago I read his excellent screenplay of A Princess of Mars. Having read many, it may well be the best of all of them. We met a year back at the ECOF showing of John Carter in LA and I can truly say that Mr Sherman takes his Barsoom seriously. Check it out at Bill Hillman’s ERBzine. – Jeff

The Worlds Of Edgar Rice Burroughs

71Ytu8ML6TL._SL1000_I’m pleased to see Barsoom featured on the cover, and that the book will be a 6″x9″ trade edition. Here’s the story listing –

“Tarzan and the Great War” by Kristine Kathryn Rusch
“The Fallen” by Mercedes Lackey
“The Forgotten Sea of Mars” by Mike Resnick
“Scorpion Men of Venus” by Richard Lupoff
“Apache Lawman” by Ralph Roberts
“Tarzan and the Martian Invaders” by Kevin J. Anderson and Sarah Hoyt
“Moon Maid over Manhattan” by Peter David
“The Two Billys” by Max Alan Collins and Matthew Clemens
“To The Nearest Planet” by Todd McCaffrey
“The Dead World” by F. Paul Wilson
“Tarzan and The Land That Time Forgot” by Joe R. Lansdale

– coming this October ( Link)

JOHN CARTER 1st year anniversary

Today is the 1st year anniversary of JOHN CARTER ! I’m reposting last year’s response to my first viewing of JOHN CARTER at an ERB convention in LA. The screening was on the Disney lot which was cool in its own but the image is actually of the theatre in Downtown Disney. – Jeff


Greetings gentle Barsoomians ! Only two more sleeps -I saw THE MOVIE last Saturday night at the Disney Burbank Studio. They showed a Disney ‘in house’ sizzle real before the movie. It REALLY made me want to see the movie right away – and I did. I laughed, I cried, and I wanted to see it again immediately. I’ll be posting my thoughts on the movie soon. But for now I leave you with “two more sleeps !.” – Jeff


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If you don’t have it, go get it !

Michael Sellers “John Carter and the Gods of Hollywood” is available for a free download right now. Now go get it ! – Jeff

And now for something different. Really different.

Artist Ricardo Delgado is well-known for his dinosaur comics. And you can certainly see that influence in his Thark and other Martian creature designs. http://ricardodelgadoart.blogspot.ca/

delgado thark000bfdee_medium

I’m guessing from the dates on the art that production designer Iain McCaig brought Delgado in while they were still scripting John Carter of Mars. He was there to basically just a brainstorm, which I think is heaven on earth for an artist. I would love to be paid to  just sit down and scratch out details of the characters,  world and creatures of Barsoom and just let my imagination run wild all over the place. (more…)

Jeff watches John Carter – 6

John and Dejah at the Thern Temple
I’ve heard some think these shots look a little too blue screeny ( oops it’s green these days ) but it is all blue… Ok, that joke didn’t work.
I was so relieved that this was not tree of life from Avatar. I really thought it was going to be the heart of Barsoom. I didn’t dare say it online, it would have gone viral for sure. I was thrilled that it was nine rays.
“And you are John Carter of Earth” that’s a great moment ” yes ma’am”
“And the ships that sail on the sea ?” I love that, I got all tingly when she said that. It’s funny considering how pooched up that previous relating conversation was way back in “John and Dejah meet, get all clumsy “. I’m sure that’s what they referred to in the shooting script.


Jeff watches John Carter – 5

Okay, that last was a ton of work. I’m going to take a little easier this time.

Now we’re off to the Thern temple. Yea yea yea I know that the Tharks in the books have no culture, but nobody has ‘no culture’ except maybe the Kardashians. I’ve always considered John Carter an ‘unreliable narrator’, so one level I view the movie ( sort of ) as the ‘real story’. If the movie wasn’t accurate in getting the world right I wouldn’t do that, or if Woola was pink and furry I’d be done. But Barsoom has a culture that includes Issus and Therns and the film-makers are trying making a dense, functional trilogy. I’m willing to go with that.

I like the look of the collapsed ( at least I think it’s collapsed ) temple walls, and I notice that the skylight here is the same shape as the one the glass hall in Helium.

Carter asks if a carving represents a Thern and Sola explains that it’s Issus the goddess – I think that’s a total tune out moment for an audience. But it is set up for The Gods of Mars.

I like how John just grabs Dejah and jumps up on the ledge. When they slam into the wall he doesn’t even say sorry – but I do understand him just grabbing her. Actually, this is done well and part of their relationship right off the bat. They have a lot of physical contact right away. He grabs her in the air, she gets real close and wipes her sword on his Thark diaper, she is tossed in his arms by Tars…



Reading John Carter and the Gods of Hollywood Or Lions and Igers and Bears, oh my.

Jeff begs for Mars2

Before we get into this, I have another title –  John Carter and the Gods of Hollywood OR Re-living the Agony.

Oh god it hurts, it hurts so bad – mommy ?

I started barsoomia.org in 2008 when John Favreau had John Carter of Mars. Favs was on MySpace and very communicative. We all went through a few ups and downs through script reviews , budgets – the fact that head of Paramount hated it canned it. Favreau went on to Iron Man which I really liked and Paramount went to Star Trek which I really liked but at the time was furious because ‘who needs another Star Trek ?!”

Previously I had upped and downed ( and not in a good way ) through Disney’s Tom Cruise John Carter project, eventually James Jacks farmed it around, landing Robert Rodriguez, loosing Rodriguez, Kerry Conran – and we’re back to Favreau.

Around the time that Conran was the project Mike Carambat ( not to be confused with Michael )  started up his fan site www.johncartermovie.com. I spent a delirious late afternoon in my kitchen making supper while conversing through Mike’s chat stream with Harry Knowles about thoats, tharks and Helium CG models and motion tests. Then of course it crashed back to heartbreak hotel. Jon Favreau stepped in for the final act at Paramount. (more…)

Michael’s, John Carter and the Gods of Hollywood.

If you’re reading barsoomia.org I’m really assuming of Michael Sellars’ new book,  John Carter and the Gods of Hollywood. But just in case you haven’t, this is something you need to know about.  You can buy it directly from Michael at The John Carter Files or through Amazon HERE.  I’m waiting for mine in the mail right now. – Jeff


Jeff watches John Carter – 4

A look at the dialogue shows the scene shooting in 3 directions at once. Or – are they reading the same script ?

I’m warning you, this is going to be rough. Yes I wrote out all the dialogue, I can’t tear it apart unless I have in front of me. I’m using color to make the reading easier. And no pretty pictures this time, this took me long enough to do. So here we go.


Jeff watches John Carter – 3

Draped in baby Tharks. I love it, and he is gentle with them.


Now the star of the movie arrives WOOLA ! He looked like a potato in the posters, but is great on screen. (more…)

Jeff watches John Carter – 2

photo-8Ah Dejah….  unfortunately in this first viewing of Dejah I have no idea how wonderful she is going to be. I find her line about ‘rubbish’ overly theatrical and painful. That is followed by ‘I present to you the answer’ with yet another flinch. After this she is perfect. Totally. (more…)

Jeff watches John Carter. Not a review. More like a written commentary.


If I was reading my posts I think that Jeff loves everything about the John Carter movie. I really like it and I’ve seen it several times now. Maybe seven. I saw it first at a special screening on the Disney lot and I’m from Canada so I certainly had made an effort to be there.  I cried a lot through my first few viewings. Mostly from the emotional build up* of waiting a lifetime to see my favorite book on screen. (*Ok-  I’d also been drinking, meeting online friends in the real world and just plain squirrelled up.) The third viewing may have also been influenced by the time in the bar with friends before the the movie too. That was my most extreme case of loosing it. I seem to be past that stage now. I’ve always been kind of easygoing about adapting A Princess of Mars to the screen as I expect a lot of changes. I’m not uncritical of the text at all. Quit honestly, I think it goes way off track at about the 3/4 point. ( I’ve now done a bit of a second edit of my embarrassing typos )  (more…)

AOL Moviefone gets Carter.

Ii always like to credit my sources , so I first read about this on the Back to Barsoom Facebook site. Originally from AOL Moviefone. – Jeff

It’s weird to think of a $200 million Disney event movie directed by the filmmaker behind “Finding Nemo” as a “lost” film, but that’s exactly what “John Carter” was. Based on a series of hugely influential, hundred-year-old pulp novels by Edgar Rice Burroughs, and flattened by the one-two punch of bad press and pour marketing, “John Carter” died a dog’s death at the box office this spring, despite being a deeply strange, wildly imaginative and hugely personal blockbuster. True, “John Carter” is a discombobulated mess, often times getting lost in a tangle of subplots and arcane terminology, but it works more often than it should, and has an easygoing, overtly earnest charm that’s hard to shrug off. Taylor Kitsch, from “Friday Night Lights,” plays the title role, a grumpy Confederate soldier zapped to Mars (that tired old story). Andrew Stanton, a Pixar veteran, made his live action debut with “John Carter,” and the action sequences have a zippy inventiveness befitting someone with an animation background (the script was co-written by Pulitzer Prize-winning novelist Michael Chabon), often resulting in bold, sometimes deeply unsettling decisions. Known primarily as an astronomical financial dud, “John Carter” will one day rightfully be recognized for what it truly is — an utterly winning cult classic.

Jeff gets interviewed.

Hey guys , last week I did an interview with Ric and Art of The Book Cave. We talked about my art, John Carter, art, John Carter and books too ! Check it out at http://thebookcave.libsyn.com/the-book-cave-episode-208-jeff-doten . They do talk about stuff on my site, so if you want to treat it like a book and tape (turn page now ) you can go to  www.jeffdoten.com to listen and look at the same time ! –  Jeff

It feels like 2004 – edited, as it should be….

Michael Sellars – http://thejohncarterfiles.com/ has a long transcript of his John Carter and the Gods of Hollywood — Presentation at the Edgar Rice Burroughs Centennial Celebration

Michael talks a lot about the anticipation and response to the JOHN CARTER trailers and media response. It led me back into my archives of Barsoomia.org to see where I and my readers were at the time. I discovered that I had started Barsoomia on March 23 2008 and that I had a total ( until this one ) of 425 post. Previous to starting Barsoomia.org I had been hanging out at Mike’s johncartermovie.com from somewhere around 2004/5. We had watched the (more…)

Is time for “A Princess of Mars” ?

 I think Disney’s pretty done with JOHN CARTER and as Michael at thejohncarterfiles has said, may have been for long before the movie opened. This STAR WARS deal didn’t come out of no where, nor was it brokered ( is that the right word ? ) overnight.

I did a little research about the finances of Clash of the Titans and Wrath of the Titans. Nobody loved those, nobody had special screenings or sequel campaigns.  But they made a second one. Clash made a LOT more than John Carter at the box office and cost $150 million instead of $250. It’s too bad that we don’t have an idea about the very successful Blu ray and rental $$$ for JOHN CARTER.

But Carter is a lot better than those movies. It’s something people fall in love with, and it’s still going on. Other filmmakers are going experience/know this too. And there’s a history with JOHN CARTER that isn’t there with Clash of the Titans. I was really surprised how many people used the phrase ‘obscure book’ while reporting on JOHN CARTER, but as the phrase goes – ” you know nothing Jon Snow.” I was 15 in 1977, the year Star Wars came  out. I was ‘late’ on the second ERB book boom.  EVERYONE had read or knew those books. Everyone who was a geek anyways, or even mildly so. When I was older I went to SF cons and I worked in book stores, I sold those books and talked to people about them. We couldn’t keep the books on the shelves. The history of JOHN CARTER doesn’t start and end with it being published in 1912.

Is it time for A Princess of Mars ? I was intrigued by Favreau’s take on the material, a much smaller ( so he say’s ) version that seems to be mostly about Carter’s time with the Tharks. As much as I love Stanton’s take on it, the thought of Favreau’s makes me wistful. I was one of the guys online with him ( on MySpace !) the day that Paramount dumped it and he moved to Iron Man. He was really involved with us fans.

S0 here’s my theory. Disney is done with JOHN CARTER, but the property still exists, and may be gaining a new kind of street cred.  The movie is well liked and increasingly so. Is there some opportunistic someone out there that knows/loves the material that  that figures they can do it right ? That can do it for $150 million like Favreau’s may have been ? It’s not like there’s only one Tarzan movie out there. I started this with the mention of A Princess of Mars, but maybe it should be The Gods of Mars. Half reboot, half sequel. Star Wars opens part way into its story and the seems to have worked out okay.

This doesn’t mean I’m counting on it. Not at all, but weirder things have happened and movie makers have never passed up the chance to make a buck. – Jeff

Disney buys Star Wars. !!!! – Update

Uuuuh, okay. I didn’t really see this coming, I was was the monster   storm.   Anyways, they bought it. The news says the deal includes an new Star Wars movie in something like 3 years from now. Considering what Lucas  has done to the franchise it can’t get any worse. Oh – unless it’s a remake. Let’s not go there, but now I have to wash the idea out of my brain.

And John Carter ? Off the cuff I’d have to say this probably gets even more in the way of that happening, but who knows. Maybe a head of Disney will go all sci fi and they go for it. Or they sell it, that’s come up too. I really don’t know what to think of this. Except a remake, I know what I think of that. And I still want my Gods of Mars.  You can read all about it HERE.- Jeff

Thanks to Andy over on the Facebook Back to Barsoom page here’s a little further news on the Star Wars movies. It looks like George is handing over the reins. Maybe we’ll get good ones again – and that SF success leads to more JOHN CARTER  of course