And in your Top 25 ….

So I get home from work and go to turn on some tunes and as I look at my itunes playlist I think sure, “l’ll play the top 25 thing here and see what that covers. Bowie- yup, Space Hog (more…)

John has a new hair cut.

Other than the new ‘do’ I’m looking forward to a longer story. I’ll still be sticking to getting a trade edition of the series in the long run, but I think I’ll give this one a try.  http://www.bleedingcool.com/2015/01/08/enemy-enemy-friend-robert-place-napton-talks-john-carter-special/


More Carter Comics !

Enough of my bitching about crazily priced books that I can’t have, as someone said once, ” I still live !” And I have new John Carter covers to show you. So far I’m quite impressed with all the covers. The first is my favourite and the rendering on the second is excellent. They all get points for not being porny too ! – Jeff




Interplanetary Seasonal Greetings.


White apes and white apes.

I picked up the second of the John Carter comics, it’s one of my favorite John Carter covers ever. I really like the Marvel style logo, overall color, action and the movie style white ape. It also reminded me of Marvel’s issue 2 as well.

white apes

John Carter World of Mars, Barsoom, that Pizza Joint down the Way and those Staring Guys in the Back of the Comic Shop #4

– because the title just wasn’t long enough.  New covers for Vol 4 shipping February, 2015.



Sort of More on John Carter’s release.

More of it showing up in all the geek outlets counts. I do like the news getting attention.


http://blogs.indiewire.com/theplaylist (more…)