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Swords and Planets and May the 4th

Swords and Planets.jpg

When I first saw this still from John Carter I had a niggle in the back of my brain that I’d seen something like it before. I had a fun summer as a doorman at a big downtown theatre showing Return of the Jedi ( and only Return of the Jedi) in 1983. I ended up standing in the back row of the theatre the first time I saw the movie. It was a sneak preview and (more…)

Yet another kick at a new Flash Gordon

261047-197662-flash-gordonFlash Gordon is not really my favourite thing but I’d love to see a version that made me fall in love with it. I never really took to Hawk Men or Lion Men, I mean really, that’s the best you can do ? That’s not even trying. And it’s a little too Wizard of Oz too. (more…)